Steve L (Holmen,WI)
The instructor has a vast amount of knowledge and a passion to share what he
knows to people in need. Anyone looking to build or maintain their home would gain
a lot of insight from this course. I felt this class has given me the confidence to ask
appropriate questions when hiring a contractor. I now know what answers to expect.
Knowing and understanding what to ask can help me figure out the best candidate
for the job.

Eileen K (La Crosse,WI)
The instructor’s depth of knowledge is great. He has a passion for the material in
this course. I know better how to look at my house and which problems to address
first. I have the background to prioritize home projects to better maintain my house
and increase my home’s value. I realize some projects I can definitely do on my own.

Marie R (Onalaska,WI)
This class will help me be more informed when I work with a contractor. If I sell the
house it gives me ideas of what to fix before selling. If I buy or build a new home I
have a much clearer idea of things to consider. The class helped me identify some
things I can fix by myself. The class also eased my mind on some things I was afraid
was a problem. There is a tremendous amount of information given in the class. It is

Marie S (Onalaska,WI)
The class gave me a start of what I need to know in a short period of time. I gained a
base of knowledge to ask the right questions of building professionals. There is a lot
to know.

JoAnn M (Onalaska,WI)
I attended the class over 2 years ago. I really appreciate the quarterly newsletters.
There is always helpful information in them.

Kathy T (Westby, WI)
We received some great information on keeping the moisture out of the basement
(the old part). We would like to build green but being energy efficient and having a
dry basement is at the top of our list. I was glad to hear a “panelized house” was a
good option. I would highly recommend this class to anyone, whether they are going
to build or not!! Load of very practical and useful information.

Kristine S (Westby, WI)
I have learned so much – I was very interested in the radon gas abatement and how
it cut down on air/moisture infiltration at the foundation. This class answered
questions I did not know I had. I wish my husband would have taken the class.  

Scott H (La Crosse, WI)
There was so much good information regarding “Building Smart”. The first 2 hour
class alone was worth the class fee. Learning the proactive things to do before and
as we build will save us money, and allow us to be more comfortable and safer in
the home. We learned what smart changes to make and what expensive changes
may not payoff in the short or long run. The instructor was personable,
knowledgeable, informative, structured, and yet casual. I always felt he had time for
my questions.  

John M (Town of Onalaska, WI)
Great class! For a novice in home maintenance, I learned about many issues (I
never thought of) that will address improvements to energy efficient, comfort and
better re-sale in the future. I have a great starting place.

Sheila H (La Crosse, WI)
Every builder and inspector should take this class to supplement their knowledge for
their clients. This class was so helpful.  I might take it again. I look at roofs as I drive.

Brad F (La Crosse, WI)
I am doing a basement remodeling job. The information gained from this class can
be used to do the job correctly and efficiently.  

Shintia & Eugene T (Black River Falls, WI)
The class helped us think about things we never thought of before. We am planning
to take the class again when it’s close to when we build to refresh our memories
and to learn about the latest in home building. There are so many things, important
things that we learned. There was not enough time. The teacher answered every
concern we brought up about our home.

Suzanne Y (La Crosse, WI)
The instructor gave us a lot of answers and raised lots of questions. He is very
willing to address specific questions and situations. There is so much to know, it’s
overwhelming. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to improve their home.  

Karen E (La Crosse, WI)
This class offered unbiased information regarding a multitude of homeownership
issues. It helped me generate some ideas for prioritizing, and solving maintenance
issues. A  great resource.  

Allen & Linda D (French Island, WI)
If you are building a home, take this class! When building a home, it is important to
be aware of every item covered in this class. We are more aware of what to watch
out for when selling a home too. There is a lot to know. We are glad we took this
class. Thank You!

Steven K (Holmen, WI)
It was a great class.  I hope I can retain 1/2 the information.

Joregette P (Arcadia, WI)
This class will help when choosing a good builder/contractor. It also helped me
identify areas needing additional insulation and the importance of energy efficiency.
The discussion topics covering insulation, window choices, and radon concerns,
were especially interesting.  

Lloyd S (La Crosse, WI)
I am now more aware of good verses bad construction. I will be able to spot defects
earlier and make corrections.

Donald S (Coon Valley, WI)
The class was a good overview about what goes into or repairing construction. The
basics of keeping heat in/out and moisture control (energy envelope) were good.
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