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Ryan B (La Crosse, WI)
I wanted to write and let you know how impressed we were with your inspector. He was
very thorough, very helpful in explaining everything he was examining and made things
simple when making recommendations on how to take care of some of the smaller issues
he found. He also uncovered a larger electrical issue that we need the sellers to cover
before finalizing the deal. I would definitely recommend PHI to anyone else needing a
home inspection.   Thanks again!

Mike & Amy S (Coon Valley, WI)
The inspector was extremely thorough. He was immensely patient with the many questions
I posed. He answered them completely and knowledgeably. I highly recommend PHI due to
the high degree of professionalism and expertise displayed by the inspector.

DH (La Crosse, WI)
The inspector was easy to talk with; he listened to my questions and concerns taking the
time to explain problems and solutions. He was thorough and competent doing an
excellent job. The inspector pointed out minor problems that could possibly turn into major
problems. I would use your services in the future and would recommend PHI to others for
home inspections.

Kenny T (Rollingstone, MN)
The inspector covered all the bases: inspection, explanation, information and
maintenance. He was very thorough in his inspection and with his explanation of his
findings. The inspector made it very simple for me to understand all of the ins and outs of
the entire inspection.

Ben & Sonya H (La Crosse, WI)
Thank you so much for all of the work you put into all of this....Sonya and I really
appreciate it. From talking with others about their inspection experiences, the PHI
inspection seemed a lot more thorough and useful.  Also, thank you for all of the
attachments!  (Even the ice damn We both (and even Moyra) were
very impressed and thankful for all of the time and effort you spent on the inspection.
Thank you!  I'm sure more questions will pop up.  It is great to know we have such a
valuable resource.

Jim F (Viroqua, WI)
We have had several home inspections from different companies in the past.  The PHI
inspection was by far the best we have ever had.  It was obvious the inspector both
enjoyed going above and beyond educating us, and was proud of the service and support
the company would provide after the inspection. Thank you again for a job well done.

Diane R (Blair, WI)
Customer service is a dying art and you all have cornered the market on what remains.  
The PHI inspector was easy to talk to.  We got along very well. The inspector was very
thorough, answering every question and explained everything upfront. The three-hour
inspection flew by with the help of the inspector’s humor and easy-to-understand
explanations. I was grateful the inspector pointed out every little discrepancy. The
inspector took the mystery out of the home and that will make it easier for me to maintain it.

Chris M (Winona, MN)
Very thorough. This was our 4th home inspection and it was the best. The inspector’s
honesty was above and beyond our expectations. We would greatly recommend PHI to

Jeffery W (Onalaska, WI)
I asked for solutions we had good dialogue.  The inspector was very informative.  The roof
was my main concern.  I have a plan for the “fix-its” around the home.  I want to be in
informed older home owner.  Thanks!

Catherine M (La Crosse, WI)
The inspector was very thorough, never hurried, and gave much advice on both regular
maintenance and solutions to problems.  The inspector gave excellent explanations on
problems and how to maintenance.

Elyse J (Sparta, WI)
I would recommend this company to anyone buying a home.  The inspector was
professional from start to finish.  I appreciated the extra documents the company emailed
me after the inspection

Karen K (La Crosse, WI)
I will remember that not all home inspection companies are the same and return to PHI
again.  The inspector did a great job answering all my questions.

Thomas E (Town of Ontario, WI)
The inspector was very thorough and very informative.  We are new to the rural area we
learned much.  The follow-up information was very helpful!

Erich Z (Town of Campbell, WI)
Very professional company.  The other inspection company did not give me complete
information causing me to give misleading information to the buyer with items I said.  The
inspector knew what he was doing.  He treated the home as if it was his own.

Lynn W (La Crosse, WI)
As a woman I did not feel my PHI inspector was talking down to me.  He had an excellent
rapport with me and the current owners. I learned many maintenance tips to keep ones
home a well running machine!

Gordy S (Sparta, WI)
The inspectors conduct, demeanor and attitude were excellent.  The inspector gave me
confidence.  PHI was more thorough, more detail oriented and very helpful.   

Krista W (La Crosse, WI)
The inspector offered solutions, was considerate of the seller and the property.  Very
professional explaining everything in great detail.

Tracy P (La Crosse, WI)
I moved here from California 1.5 years ago, and there you’re lucky if an inspector spends
45 minutes on the inspection.  PHI spent several hours on the inspection, explaining their
findings to me as they went and making recommendations.  PHI initiated conversations
regarding home improvement planning and maintenance.  Their answers were clear and
understandable to a layman.  I received a detailed printout of the report immediately after
the inspection, which PHI reviewed with me.  I have never experienced a more thorough,
thoughtful and conscientious inspection.

Chad H (La Crosse, WI)
The seller of the home was envious of our home inspection and communicated that she
wishes the one they had was as thorough as a PHI inspection.

RB (La Crosse, WI)
It is a pleasure to recommend Professional Home Inspection Company for a home
inspection. It was a very different experience than we have had in the past with another
inspection company. The PHI inspector was very professional and very forthcoming with
information on any defects. He not only explained the defects, but made suggestions on
possible corrections. He was extremely thorough, we received our inspection report on the
spot, along with a review of any questions that we had. We would utilize their services in
the future and recommend their services to others.

James B (Sparta, WI):
Overall I would rate PHI's conduct, attitude and knowledge as "Excellent". I have hired
Home Inspectors on at least four other occasions at locations throughout the United
States. I consider PHI to have been the best and I would recommend their services to
other potential home buyers. The inspector conducted further research on his own time
after the inspection in order to answer a question. He was very knowledgeable and it was
evident that he was competent and enjoyed his profession.

Tim K (Onalaska, WI)
PHI was very helpful with questions, wasn’t rushed to get the job done.  PHI took the time
to answer any question and point out any concerns.

Adam & Stacy Z (Winona, MN)
My first home inspection experience was a different company other than PHI. Although this
other company was able to point out a couple of clearly-identifiable problem areas, the
inspection was VERY brief and we were left uncertain about the house. Ultimately we
purchased the home anyway and found we had to incur the cost of repairs and updates
that could probably have been passed on to the seller when we purchased. The PHI
inspection was more thorough easing many of the concerns we had about the house as
we move forward. Thanks for your hard work! Live and learn, I guess.
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