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What is the CRI Program?

The NAHI™  Certified Real Estate Inspector (CRI) program is a
certification that is earned. The designation is bestowed only to
home inspectors who demonstrate their advanced knowledge of,
and proficiency at, all aspects of a home inspection. In order to
become a NAHI™ Certified Real Estate Inspector (CRI), one must
take an exam given at various times and places throughout the
year. In addition, NAHI™ CRI participants must maintain annual
continuing education credits and undergo an annual peer review
of completed home inspection reports to remain in the program.
Why is peer review important?

Peer review means that other NAHI CRI inspectors look at some of our inspection reports
to make sure that our reports continue to meet NAHI standards.  Peer review of inspectors
and their reports helps ensure a consistent and quality product.  

Peer review is not required:

By home inspection training institutes that “certify” their graduates
To maintain the Wisconsin Home Inspector license
By insurance companies providing coverage to home inspectors
Professional Home Inspection Company voluntarily belongs to NAHI and
participates in the peer review process in an effort to continually improve our
service to our customers.

Why Should Home Inspectors be  NAHI™ Certified Real Estate Inspectors?

Certification helps home inspectors and consumers. Certified Real Estate Inspectors set a
higher standard for professional home inspections. Consumers need home inspectors
who have taken the time and given the energy to improve themselves and their
profession.  Many potential clients ask for NAHI™ Certified Home Inspectors.  Achieving
the CRI status is one way we demonstrate our commitment to the profession.  

Schools often offer “certification” through their training programs. NAHI is taking that one
step further.  The CRI Program is designed to bring structure to the learning process and
identify training weaknesses through a comprehensive testing process. This program
tests lifelong home inspector/home inspection competencies and skills. NAHI does not
directly produce training materials for this program. They do however, give participants a
listing of study materials for review prior to taking the exam.
Our Mission Statement:
To Help People Make Informed Real Estate Decisions